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Saturday 25/2/2017

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For supplier companies who want to offer their customers comprehensive 24 hour online product ordering facilities, Netalogue b2b web catalogue and ordering plug-ins link instantly to any existing web page and are easily maintained via any standard product or component database.
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Rockwell: You Really Can Use Mobile Devices in the Plant
Anyone with a smartphone or tablet now can connect securely in an industrial setting to access performance metrics and data analytics. You can use any digital device to easily access performance metrics and data analytics from your plant floor and machines. How are you using that freedom?
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Setting up a machine vision system and making all the different elements work smoothly can be complicated and expensive. To simplify this integration process, Eigen Innovations has developed a smart hardware module. And whenever possible, the company likes to include FLIR cameras exclusively because they are so cost-effective.

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Next Generation Silicon Photonic Optical Network
A FLIR Systems X6540sc thermal imaging camera is being used by the Photonics Packaging Group at the Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland) as part of a thermal microscope system to image the silicon photonic optical network unit (ONU) for next generation passive optical networks (NG-PONs) developed in the European FP7-Project "FABULOUS”.
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Detecting Temperature Differences on PCB Components
FLIR Systems explains how leading Dutch embedded electronics specialist – 3T is using a FLIR thermal imaging camera to detect hot spots of less than 125 x 125 microns in size that may indicate a PCB component is likely to fail.
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