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Friday 17/8/2018

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For supplier companies who want to offer their customers comprehensive 24 hour online product ordering facilities, Netalogue b2b web catalogue and ordering plug-ins link instantly to any existing web page and are easily maintained via any standard product or component database.
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Smarter factories; safer working
In food produce environments and packhouses, the benefits of automation when it comes to workforce health and safety are uncontended. From eliminating arduous and repetitive tasks to working uninterrupted within inhospitable chilled settings, robots are most certainly the future. Case loading specialist Brillopak and industrial automation pioneer Omron explore how smart robots, hardware and software can be deployed to work collaboratively, safely and productively alongside human counterparts.
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Maltster doubles output with Brillopak robotic palletiser
A turnkey robotic palletising line from Brillopak has doubled throughput at the Muntons malted ingredients factory in Stowmarket, and in less than 18 months achieved a return on investment by increasing efficiency and reducing the maltsterís reliance on manual labour.
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Yorkshire butcher and meat supplier Sykes House Farm no longer has any worries about incorrect date codes after replacing a manual hand-stamping operation with an RF-Lite offline thermal inkjet coder from Rotech.
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Double packing boost for global hand hygiene company
In one of its most complex, largest and innovative projects to date, Pacepacker has more than doubled the output for a world leading hand hygiene supplier by automating the case erection, loading and palletising tasks previously performed manually.
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