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Tuesday 27/10/2020

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For supplier companies who want to offer their customers comprehensive 24 hour online product ordering facilities, Netalogue b2b web catalogue and ordering plug-ins link instantly to any existing web page and are easily maintained via any standard product or component database.
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15/07/2020 How to address the New Normal of Factory Automation in Food Manufacturing
08/07/2020 ABB makes manufacturing more sustainable by recycling and remanufacturing thousands of old robots
16/06/2020 PTC Extends Alliances with Rockwell Automation and Microsoft
28/05/2020 RS Components extends distribution partnership with Rockwell Automation
28/05/2020 Rockwell Automation Issues 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report
19/05/2020 Rockwell Automation Has Acquired ASEM, S.p.A,
14/05/2020 International Virtual Event from Rockwell Automation a Success
30/04/2020 Cloud-based labelling - Helping sustain business continuity in challenging times

Digital food for thought: Smart factories and the use of AI from an automation perspective
Factory automation has traditionally provided the food industry with faster, more reliable and cleaner production capacity - however, with the advent of the smart factory and commercial AI the factory of the very near future is starting to make production efficiency improvement decisions itself.
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Scott Bader IT Plant infrastructure is modernised with SolutionsPT and Exabyte Solutions
Scott Bader was established in 1921 and today is a £227 million-pound global chemical company, employing more than 650 people worldwide. With manufacturing sites located around the world it manufactures, sells and distributes a wide range of synthetic resins and polymers to many different markets and has built a reputation for innovation, quality and excellent customer service.
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Henkel process helps beer barrel manufacturer improve product quality
Henkel has helped Envases Técnicos Zaragoza S.L. (Entinox), a leading Spanish manufacturer of stainless steel beer barrels (“kegs”), set up an innovative pickling and passivating line using a nitric acid-free Bonderite process. Benefits include superior HSE performance and bath life over traditional mixed acid pickling systems as well as outstanding corrosion resistance.
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Maltster doubles output with Brillopak robotic palletiser
A turnkey robotic palletising line from Brillopak has doubled throughput at the Muntons malted ingredients factory in Stowmarket, and in less than 18 months achieved a return on investment by increasing efficiency and reducing the maltster’s reliance on manual labour.
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