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Tuesday 17/1/2017

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Traditionally, the automotive industry has led the way to use robots on a large scale. However, if used without care, robots can be dangerous to humans. Back in 1961 when General Motors introduced the first industrial robot to its production line, humans were at high risk inside a robot’s work zone. Since that time, robot manufacturers such as FANUC have spent enormous effort and money to produce models with the best possible safety levels.
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Next Generation Silicon Photonic Optical Network
A FLIR Systems X6540sc thermal imaging camera is being used by the Photonics Packaging Group at the Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland) as part of a thermal microscope system to image the silicon photonic optical network unit (ONU) for next generation passive optical networks (NG-PONs) developed in the European FP7-Project "FABULOUS”.
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Detecting Temperature Differences on PCB Components
FLIR Systems explains how leading Dutch embedded electronics specialist – 3T is using a FLIR thermal imaging camera to detect hot spots of less than 125 x 125 microns in size that may indicate a PCB component is likely to fail.
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Compactness and dexterity were two important features of the anthropomorphic FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot selected by FlexLink for a cutting-edge medical assembly line located in Italy. Combined with a FANUC M-1iA delta robot and an integrated iRVision system, FlexLink completely re-engineered the blister packing operation, automating an intricate and time-intensive job that previously performed manually.
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