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28  February  2013

  Safe Machine Ltd., a new machinery safety consultancy, has been launched to help address the difficulties UK manufacturers are experiencing in the field of machinery safety and in particular CE marking.

According to Derek Coulson, principal consultant for Safe Machine, “There is a huge disconnection between the regulations and the understanding of many manufacturers. I have been working in the field of machinery safety since 1995 and when I conduct training, for every 10 manufacturers I speak to only 1 or 2 are fully familiar with CE marking and in my experience very few companies are doing it right.”

Safe Machine will be seeking to address the current weaknesses that centre on CE Audits; CE Marking and Machinery Safety training. When purchasing new machinery, it is important to carry out a CE Audit to ensure that it meets all of the legal requirements and is CE marked correctly. This involves ensuring that a Technical File exists for the equipment, or can be compiled for the equipment. It is also important to check that the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR’s) have been addressed, and that all relevant tests (EMC, Noise, Vibration etc.) have been carried out. Safe Machine can carry out all these checks and also review the machine or complex assembly.

All machinery supplied for use into the European Economic Area must carry CE marking. The CE marking shows that the manufacturer is declaring conformity with all Directives relating to that product. The Directives are brought into each European country’s legal system; in the UK they are regulations and it is a criminal offence not to comply, punishable by fines or imprisonment. Safe Machine can carry out design reviews and risk assessments at an early stage, can assess the machine and documentation and provide guidance as to what modifications are required. They can also compile the Technical File, address the EHSR’s and provide a list of Standards to use. In some circumstances Safe Machine will act as the Responsible Person and sign a Declaration of Conformity, generally for complex assemblies where no single manufacturer has responsibility.

Training in the Machinery Safety sector is identified as an area of particular weakness among UK manufacturer’s and as such Safe Machine can carry out training including: a one day seminar introducing CE Marking, PUWER, Risk Assessment, EN Standards and Safety Related Control Systems and a three day practical training course in CE marking.

Derek Coulson, one of the founders of Laidler Associates in 1998, and its Notified Body, Laidler Certification concluded saying, “Safe Machine is a very hands-on company with a huge amount of experience in the machinery safety sector. We aim to provide a specialist, affordable and practical service to UK companies who are struggling with all aspects of CE marking and machinery safety.”

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