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Friday 18/1/2019
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  A pick and mix production line for global chocolate manufacturer!

26  September  2013

  A leading global manufacturer of high quality cocoa and chocolate products has witnessed vast improvements in efficiency and throughput, while eliminating case damage, following the installation of six fully automatic packing lines. The lines consist of hand-picked machinery by end of line equipment specialist Endoline Machinery to meet the individual needs of the blue chip company and are now achieving an annual output of 40,000 tonnes of chocolates.

The chocolate manufacturer has been supplying food manufacturers and professional chefs and artisans for hundreds of years and was looking to automate their packing lines handling 10kilo and 25kilo boxes of chocolate chips, buttons and chunks which had previously been packed and sealed manually.

As a system integrator Endoline installed their equipment into the chocolate manufacturer’s existing lines to work as a fully turnkey operation. The manufacturer specifically required a system which could handle the vast quantity and quality variation of cases supplied by their many customers. To meet this need Endoline incorporated their case erectors featuring a dual opposing vacuum system which ensures the positive opening of each case overcoming issues relating to tearing and ultimately wastage. Endoline seamlessly integrated a Pattyn bag inserter to line the open case securing the chocolate within. During this process the chocolate is transported from the moulding line through metal detectors and onto a loading scale where the open and lined case is programmed to wait below before being filled by the target amount of chocolate from the loading scale above.

While the footprint of all the cases remains the same the height differs according to weight however to minimise downtime during size changeover Endoline recommended their series of case sealers which only required a slight adjustment before securing both the top and bottom of the case with tape. Due to space restraints within the factory Endoline constructed an elevator system at the end of the lines to lift the filled and sealed case up to a powered roller conveyor which transported all of the complete boxes from each of the lines to a robotic palletiser. Each line now consistently achieves an output of over 20,000 cases per week.

Paul Ryder, Regional Account Manager for Endoline, commented: ““Endoline offers a comprehensive equipment range of over 50 modular systems and this is an example where we have carefully crafted the most appropriate solution to meet the manufacturer’s end of line packaging needs.”

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