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Monday 25/3/2019
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  LabelsPlus Rescue Water Cooler Customer with Blockout Labels

3  December  2013

  UK manufacturers of adhesive labels, LabelsPlus, have come to the rescue of a prominent Swedish bottled water company, using blockout labels to rectify a printing error. In the process, they saved the company from potential losses in the thousands.

The client, who discovered incorrectly proofed analysis on their water cooler bottle labels, originally thought the mistake would be expensive. But thanks to LabelsPlus blockout labels, they were able to choose a cost effective solution and retain their original packaging.

A spokesperson for the company said: “When we discovered the error on our water cooler bottles, we were horrified. At best, we thought we’d have to remove 35,000 labels from their polycarbonate bottles. At worst, we thought we’d have to throw those bottles away altogether; for a cost of more than £100,000.”

Ironically, it was the extremely high quality of the original LabelsPlus labels which would have meant that the bottles would have to be disposed of if the labels could not be corrected. The innovative permanent adhesive labels, by LabelsPlus, were developed to last the lifespan of each polycarbonate bottle. This meant them being particularly difficult to remove.

Fortunately, LabelsPlus were able to provide their client with blockout adhesive labels which could be placed over the original labels and ensure that none of the text beneath could be read.

Blockout labels, or blackout labels, are a cost effective way to cover up incorrect or out of date information, which has previously been printed on an earlier label. They are made using a tinted permanent adhesive, which is usually dark blue, grey or black. This adhesive prevents the image from the original label below from showing through the replacement.

They could be the difference between the success or failure of a business, in the wake of a packaging error.

LabelsPlus supply blockout labels on rolls or A4 sheets. They can be provided plain or printed to any specification using up to nine colours, and four diverse colour processes.

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