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Thursday 21/3/2019
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  RS Components extends own-brand spill control range

21  October  2015

  Extended portfolio of high-quality spill control essentials targets facilities managers and buyers in manufacturing and industrial environments

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global distributor for engineers, has announced new additions to its high-quality RS range of spill control essentials that are designed to aid effective safety management of sites and facilities and also to assist businesses to meet local legislation and prevent accidents and damage.

Especially aimed at environments such as automotive garages, workshops and manufacturing facilities such as food production, the extended RS portfolio includes a selection of spill kits, heavy-duty liquid absorbents and control equipment, broadly split into three spill categories: oil-only, universal/maintenance, and chemical.

Oil-only absorbents are designed to meet the demands of those working in garages and other outside environments, as they absorb only oil and other hydrocarbons, including petrol, diesel, kerosene, greases and hydraulic and engine oils, but will not absorb water or water-based products. The most versatile absorbent type universal or maintenance is capable of dealing with most spills, especially where many different liquids are present. It absorbs all general non-viscous and non-aggressive fluids, such as water-based products, cutting fluids or lubricants, coolants, solvents, oils and greases, as well as mild chemicals. Chemical absorbents will handle all fluids including mild and harsh aggressive chemicals such as acids, kerosene and detergents, solvents, oils and fuels, and greases and lubrication fluids.

The new RS spill kits include absorbent socks and pads that offer a range of absorbent capacities and are able to clean up oil, water and chemical spills quickly and efficiently. Available in various capacities and format, the range includes those as large as 80L in oil-only, maintenance and chemical variants. Cost-effective refills are also available for some large kits, and many kits contain protective equipment, disposal bags and bins, and marking tape.

To enable the fast mop-up of liquid spillages, a variety of heavy-duty liquid-absorbent types and capacities are available including pads for low-volume spills, versatile easy-to-tear rolls of pads for higher volume, as well as pillows, mats, granules, powder, and socks.

The range of spill control equipment includes drain mats, spill trays, drum bunding including pallets, work floors or trays, Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) bunding including spill pallets, and dedicated bags and bins for the safe disposal of liquid.

In addition to the extended range of spill kits, RS has also introduced a spill control guide, which is available for download here

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