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Thursday 21/3/2019
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  Laser Measurement Sensors Provide Superior Performance for Challenging Applications

27  October  2015

  Banner Engineering has expanded the L-GAGEģ family of laser sensors with the LE250 and LE550 Dual Discrete laser sensors.

Designed with the same robust housing, intuitive interface and linear array technology as Bannerís analogue models, the dual discrete laser sensors provide outstanding performance for challenging detection applications.

The sensors feature two, independently configurable discrete outputs, which can be set-up as switch points or sensing windows for simple part detection and feedback on position. For example, by utilizing two overlapping windows, operators can indicate if the target is correctly positioned, too close, too far away or not present.

LE250 and LE550 Dual Discrete laser sensors provide cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions for applications that may otherwise require two sensors or an analogue output. The dual discrete laser sensors ensure reliable detection on a wide variety of materials, reflective surfaces and colours.

With a wide 100 mm to 1000 mm operating range and larger spot size, the LE550 is an ideal detection solution for diverse measurement applications, including roll diameter, loop control, thickness measurement and positioning.

Alternatively, the LE250 is optimised for superior measurement precision and provides a sub millimetre inspection solution for measurements ranging from 100 mm to 400 mm. The LE250 also features a smaller spot size, approximately one millimetre, which provides more consistent detection of smaller features and measurements across targets of varying colours, including multi-coloured packaging.

Bannerís L-Gage laser sensors operate with an intuitive two-line, eight-character display, allowing easy readability, quick adjustments and simple menu navigation. The visible red, Class 2 laser beam and small spot size ensure quick set-up and alignment. The sensors are ready to measure right out of the box, and with multiple mounting bracket options available, the sensor can easily be installed to solve a wide range of applications, saving time and money with set-up.

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