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Saturday 23/6/2018
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  Live & On-Demand Thermal Imaging Tutorials from FLIR

8  November  2016

  FLIR Systems announces a web page** that brings together the opportunity to sign-up for forthcoming free live online tutorials and review recent popular thermal imaging webinars, seminars and events.

Due to air on December 20th 2016, the 'Tips for Capturing Great Thermal Images' tutorial will address how to capture quality thermal data with your infrared camera, covering the key basics of infrared imaging in an easy to understand presentation.

The 'How to Create a Report with FLIR Tools' live tutorial, taking place on November 18th 2016, will cover how to import, edit and conduct basic analysis of your thermal images using the FLIR Tools software, plus instruct you how to create simple reports with the programís available built-in templates.

Visitors to the new infrared training web page will also be able to review recent recorded tutorials and events including the 'Best of InfraMation Conference 2016', a Q&A on the basics of thermal imaging camera/software operation and a webcast that provides an informative overview of how infrared technology is successfully used for gas leak detection.

To find out more or to register for the forthcoming live tutorials please visit**

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