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  Privilege Construction get process lines on track for Mueller Europe

8  May  2017

  Privilege Construction has completed the planning, design and construction of process line foundations and structural steel alterations for Mueller Industries Inc, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of copper tube and fittings.

This project was part of Mueller Europe’s restructuring of operations in the UK with the redistribution of some of their process lines in the North West of England to their plant in Bilston, near Wolverhampton.

Prior to commencement of the main Schumag foundation works, Privilege Construction had to remove two main frame structural steel columns that supported the existing overhead cranes. New support framework was designed to omit temporary works whilst new columns and associated trussed frames were installed - with everything scheduled so that the plant’s crane operations could remain in full production.

After reinforcing the existing foundations, a new structural steel frame was installed, which also supported a two-storey conveyor system. During this stage, Privilege Construction also (as part of its planning) diverted an existing 450mm storm drain, ensuring that it remained live until the new sewer and manholes were installed. Diverting the run was achieved without any over-pumping.

Due to restricted headroom and the working area bounded by the ongoing manufacturing processes, excavation operations were conducted by a line of 3-ton mini-diggers. As the ground was reduced down to its forming level, bases, beds and pits were constructed in sections, working over a four-phase system. All materials had to be craned in and all concrete operations were pumped as works progressed. On completion of the foundation works, the Schumag production process lines were installed, lined and levelled, followed by the grouting of all the holding down bolt pockets and bases plates.

Paul Smith, Plant Director Mueller Industries Inc, commented:

“Despite the many access obstacles that they had to tackle during the contract, Privilege Construction carried everything out in a very organised and methodical manner. I would most definitely recommend Privilege Construction for any future design and construction works”.

In addition to the construction, Privilege Construction assisted in the planning of the process lines - and at pre-construction stage, conducted various investigations of existing services, ground conditions, structural steel frame and previous foundations. After completion of the detailing process machine layouts, Privilege Construction designed the reinforced concrete foundation beds, inclusive of all the service ducts and all the ancillary bedments for the service plant.

For more information, please contact:

Privilege Construction Ltd
50 Sedgley Rd W
Tel:  01902 761304
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