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  Fluke develops new European HQ in Eindhoven with customer experience at its heart

10  May  2022

  The new European Headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands is home to a 400sqm customer experience centre designed to showcase Fluke’s world-class tools and allow customers to experience using them in realistic environments.

Eindhoven, Netherlands. 9 May 2022: Fluke, the global technology leader in the manufacture of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, has today announced the launch of its new European Headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands, which includes a 400sqm customer experience centre. For the first time, customers will not only be able to see Fluke’s range of world-class tools, but experience using them in a variety of real-world applications.
It has been described by Fluke Strategic support and training manager, Eric van Riet, as a dream come true. “What we wanted was for customers to experience our tools in an environment as close to reality as possible to show where and how our products are used, and provide the opportunity to deliver training,” he said. 

Customer experience centre dream

The individual environments in which each of Fluke’s tools are used have been reimagined in the heart of the building. From miniaturised electrical substations to small scale factories, a scene has been set for each.

“The best way to offer training is to do so in a hands-on environment such as this. If customers are unable to attend in person, we can make demonstration videos to show the best of our equipment. It’s working. Our customers love it,” said van Riet. The centre was developed out of a passion for customers to be empowered to make the best use of Fluke products and offers an exceptional training environment.

The aim of the centre is to create user experiences, a first impression for customers through a showcase of Fluke products, to offer an environment to use and demonstrate the products and to offer a first-class training facility.

“Ultimately, we want people to come and play,” said van Riet.

Fluke environments

The environments include a small factory set up, an Industrial Island complete with a motor driven pump pushing water in a closed-loop system, a traditional data centre, as well as a window into networking of the future with communications cabling channelled through our ceiling tile infrastructure. There is a miniaturised high-voltage substation complete with intricate 3D printed scale models and a tesla coil to simulate partial discharge.

Next to a complete electrical and temperature Calibration lab environment, there is an electrical workshop including a solar cell with stationary battery completed by a window onto a driveway and electric vehicle charging unit set up.

Every Fluke tool has an environment to be demonstrated in.

Cutting edge training

The environments are useful not just for Fluke salespeople and their customers, but for training and forging strong relationships with the next generation of industry leaders. Student interns have the opportunity to learn their trade through helping program the automation of the factory test-rig in the customer experience centre. Recent graduates are now working closely with the group to develop new product innovations.

“It has become a hub for sharing amazing ideas,” said van Riet.

The Headquarters

The Fluke headquarters bring together under one roof Fluke colleagues from seven separate sites across the Netherlands. The Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven - home to the new Fluke headquarters - is a unique campus with the best of high-tech manufacturing industries united under one single roof. The Fluke European Experience Centre is at the heart of the innovative Fluke offices.

“Our European Experience Centre would not have been possible without the support of some truly brilliant partner agencies who helped make this dream a reality,” van Riet confessed.

“Companies like Hager who assisted the team with all distribution panels, Endress&Hauser who generously shared their demonstration model, Sulzer and Eriks for creating the Industrial pump setup and Siemens for the automation section.”

Find out more about the Fluke European Experience Centre by contacting:

For more information, please contact:

Sandra Baijens-van Pernis
Fluke UK Ltd
52 Hurricane Way
Tel:  0207 9420708
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